Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Halfway point

It's been snowing since November; it will snow until April. That puts us roughly in the middle of all things great and snowy. After a magnificent December, things slowed a bit in January. We even had a couple of bouts of rain, but the base was solid, and the skiing was excellent, which it always seems to be at Stowe. If you're thinking about coming up in February, think again. Weekends are almost solidly booked. There are a few holes here and there, but things are tight. Weekdays will be a better bet, and as a side benefit, the slopes won't be crowded. But if you really want a good deal, come skiing in March.
In March, the days are longer and warmer. In March, it snows constantly. In March (at least this March) Easter comes. On Easter Sunday, there's a sunrise service at the top of the gondola. Then there's two hours of free skiing, until 8 a.m. Last year the skiing was legendary. A snowstorm hit right in the middle of Easter weekend, and we skied in snow up to our thighs. I didn't see my skis all day.
This year the skiing's been excellent to outstanding. It's been cold and consistently snowy, and the outlook is for more of the same. March is starting to fill up, and with it will come temperate, sunny days. By the end of the month, we'll be skiing in the morning, playing Frisbee in the parking lot in the afternoon. Come up and see for yourself.