Monday, July 28, 2008

The *&^%$#@ Pool

It just wouldn't be summer around here without me cussing the pool. Never has so much been done for so little. And for way too much money. The pool is an ongoing pain in the innkeeper's backside, wallet, and neck. I wonder if it will ever end--though I've drawn up plans to help force the issue.

Just as we were opening the pool, the old pump burned out. Actually, the motor was okay, but the impeller snapped off, and the water was unable to circulate. This happened during one of the few hot spells we have up here in Vermont, and within days the pool slid from shimmering blue to a shade of color Sherwin-Williams markets as "ogre green."

I've had a lot of experience replacing pumps. Between the hot tub and the pool, we've gone through three already. So I jumped online and found a place called, and called the guy and ordered a new pump. He promised me he'd ship it two day, so the pool would only be out of commission for a week. Meanwhile, the heat continued. Friday came and went, then the weekend, then Monday, then Tuesday. I called the guy back repeatedly, but he wouldn't answer his phone. We were in trouble.

In the meantime, my wife had located a pump for sale on Craig's List. It was in South Burlington, so we drove up there, bought it, and brought it home. And when I'd installed it, I discovered it didn't work. The shaft had been sheared off at some point. So I had to bring it back and get my money back. And I still didn't have a pool pump.

Finally we called our local pool lady, Maggie. She ordered a pump for us from a pool supply place in Burlington, and five-hundred dollars later, I had a new pump. I installed it, and it ran great, of course, and we were able to revive the pool with several hundred pounds of chemicals.

But I'm still not happy with the pool. My long-term vision is to bulldoze the thing into a hole and fill it with water, creating a natural pond. That would release me from the angst of dealing with a pool for a two-month season. If that happens, I'll let you know, in case you're looking for a nice, new pump.