Saturday, October 25, 2008

Video Killed the Broadcasting Star

Now that the leaves are gone and stick season is upon us, it's time to turn our attention to those things that must be done around the inn. And those things include tiling the bathroom in Room 6, tiling the short hallway between the breakfast room and the back living room (I've got a tiling saw, so I've suddenly got a lot of tiling projects), replacing the gutters out front, and about a dozen other things I haven't mentioned because I can't remember them right now, and I probably won't get to them before the snow flies (and the snow has already flown up here, a couple of inches on the mountain last Wednesday).

But what's really been on my mind is television. This is a subject that periodically rears its head around here, and it revolves mostly around the debate of whether we need to have cable or satellite service in the guest rooms. I'll be honest and say that I've always thought we should have cable or satellite in the rooms. But Chantal has always made the argument that the profile of our guests doesn't justify it. We are not the kind of place that encourages lying around the room all day watching television. Nor is Stowe that kind of place. It's an active destination, with much to do, including shopping and dining and driving, for the less physical visitor, along with the usual hiking/biking/skiing.

While we have televisions in the rooms, they only receive the three over the air channels we get here in Stowe: CBS, ABC, and PBS. That's it. And of those three channels, two have spotty reception. What I've always wanted to do was have cable or satellite in the rooms just to improve the picture. But the cost for such a small place like ours is prohibitive. And now, with the switch over to digital ready to happen in February, we're forced into a decision. So we explored the satellite option again, and it looks like we'll just be getting converter boxes for the televisions in the rooms.

Soon the internet will be able to provide all the free programming anyone could want. And we've made wireless internet service a priority here. So folks will just have to enjoy the three local channels, or log on to whatever they want to watch with their computers. Otherwise, I'd have to jack up the rates to cover my costs, and I don't think anyone on the planet wants to pay more just for television.

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