Sunday, March 22, 2009

Got snow? Yup.

It was bound to happen; this, after all, is March. It just took 22 days, a new record. I'm talking about snow. In March, the snow usually falls with a fury unmatched by other months of the winter. It's bigger, with more light reflecting through it, thanks to longer days and a sun higher in the sky. And it's usually measured in feet. March competes with December for the title of snowiest month. But not this year.

This year, all the snow came in December and January. Several rain events tempered the snowfall totals in February, but there were still plowable amounts falling. Then came March, and it just stopped snowing. That didn't affect the skiing on Mt. Mansfield, but it did affect the attitude of skiers and riders in the suburban areas to the south. In Boston and Connecticut and New Jersey thoughts turned to gardening. It's been hard to get folks in the mood to ski in March, partly because of the economy, partly because of the early mild spring weather.

Nevertheless, the snow's here (check out the picture from this morning), where it belongs, and we're still enjoying it, and we will until the middle of April. There are deals aplenty to be had, and with over five feet of base, plenty of terrain to explore on the mountain. Looks like I still have some shoveling to do.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ski Stowe for $59!!!

Yes, the skiing is still great in Stowe. Even though everyone in Connecticut and Massachusetts and New York has broken out their bicycles, Mt. Mansfield is covered in snow from top to bottom, and it's cold and sunny out, which will guarantee excellent conditions through the middle of April. Chantal and I skied three times this week, and I had an impossible task to find any bare spots. Conditions were firm and fast in the morning, early spring-like in the afternoon. So take advantage of some of the best skiing of the season. Oh, and it's true: we can help you pay as little as $59 for a lift ticket--just give us a call.