Monday, May 18, 2009

Vacuuming Season

It's that time of year again: vacuuming season.

Many readers will delight with the news that in lieu of making breakfast and changing sheets we now fill our days with vacuuming and cleaning. The spring brings a lot of changes up here in Vermont, perhaps none greater than the extra bright sunlight and longer days that reveal to us all the dust and dirt that has been hiding throughout the winter. So I take up my vacuum and chase the dog around and try to get every crack and crevice cleaned, and just when I think I've succeeded, it rains outside and someone tracks in mud. Or the dog starts shedding.

Besides general cleaning, the spring also brings with it a to-do list on steroids. Here are a few things that need to get done:

*Wash building
*Paint building
*Repair riding mower
*Wash windows
*Reconsider painting building, stick with just washing for now
*Fix bridge to nowhere in back yard
*New faucet for Room 3 bathroom
*Clean out basement
*Get new junk for newly cleaned basement
*Finally finish mantle around gas fireplace in guest living room
*Touch up paint in rooms
*Vacuum dog
*Open pool
*Close pool

I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Please email me with suggestions.